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1. What to Expect

Policing is a highly sought after and rewarding career with various routes of entry.  60-80,000 individuals apply to join the police each year but only 7,000 applicants are successful making the police recruitment process highly competitive.

The police recruitment process has several stages including

  • Application Form

  • Police Search® Recruit Assessment Centre Prep

  • Police Recruitment Force Interview

  • Fitness Testing

  • Security Vetting

The police recruitment process can take many months.
To succeed you will need to be committed, determined and well prepared

  • First serious application having applied directly from college or university?

  • Already a Special Constable or Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)?

  • Have applied for many jobs and been in employment for years?

Regardless of what you are doing now – if you want to join the police, this process is unique and competitive, and you will need to prepare.

Is the police for you? ↓


2. Is the police for you?

If you’re looking for a job that challenges you mentally and physically, joining the police could be for you. Understanding why people behave as they do as well as being able to react quickly and think on your feet is a core part of the job. There are few other jobs like it.

Police forces seek to encourage applicants that represent their local communities and applicants from all backgrounds and ethnic groups are encouraged to apply. The minimum age to apply is 18, and there is no upper age limit.

Do you have the following skills?

  • Good communication skills

  • Confidence, courage and initiative

  • The ability to learn facts and procedures quickly, and solve problems, keeping an open mind at all times

  • Calm and decisive in challenging situations

  • A good team player

So if you feel excited by this then check out your suitability with Police Recruitment Prep’s support.

How to prepare successfully ↓


3. How to prepare successfully

Fast track your way to success. 
Only the very best applicants will succeed and be appointed as a police constable, which is why it is essential to start your preparation early and get ahead of the crowd with a view to delivering top place performance.

Your performance throughout the whole recruitment process can demonstrate your potential and set the tone for the rest of your police career.

Police Recruitment Prep believe that the winning formula to realising your dream of becoming a police officer and progressing through the stages is as follows;

  1. Knowledge and understanding of your assessment criteria

  2. Awareness of the type of questions and exercises throughout each stage of the police recruitment process including the Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre

  3. Being supported with examples of model responses to ensure you become a police officer

  • Application Form Prep

  • Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre Prep

  • Police Recruitment Force Interview Prep